What was the chief impact of vedic culture on Indian history ? Download free pdf of Vedic age

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⚡️ Subject matter which Manu Smriti deals with is related to
A. Economics
Ans: C

⚡️ In the Rigvedic period, after the king the next most important functionary of the state was the
A. Senani
B. Revenue collector
C. Magician-doctor
D. Purohita
Ans: D

⚡️ The origins of Indian music could be traced to
A. Rigvedic Samhita
B. Yajurvedic Samhita
C. Samavedic Samhita
D. Atharvavedic Samhita
Ans: C

⚡️ After the growth of the Vedic religion the most important development in the history of the so-called Hinduism was the development of
A. Shaivism
B. Saktism
C. Bhagavatism
D. Tantricism
Ans: C

⚡️ The famous Vedic river which had long ago become extinct and now supposed to be flowing
underground in Rajasthan is
A. Sindhu
B. Sabastu
C. Shatudri
D. Saraswati
Ans: D

⚡️ The word ‘Veda’ means-
(A) Knowledge (B) Wisdom
(C) Skill (D) Power
Ans. (A)

⚡️ Which metal was first used by the Vedic people?
(A) Silver (B) Gold
(C) Iron (D) Copper
Ans. (D)

⚡️ The caste system of India was created for:
(A) Immobility of labour
(B) Recognization of the dignity of labour
(C) Economic uplift
(D) Occupational division of labour
Ans. (D)

⚡️ The origins of Indian music could be traced to
(A) Rigvedic Samhita (B) Yajurvedic Samhita
(C) Samavedic Samhita (D) Atharvavedic Samhita
Ans. (C)

⚡️ The crop which was not known to Vedic people is
(A) Barley (B) Wheat
(C) Rice (D) Tobacco
Ans. (D)

⚡️ The staple food of the Vedic Aryans was
(A) Barley and rice (B) Milk and its products
(C) Rice and pulses (D) Vegetables and fruits
Ans. (B)

⚡️ The tax which the kings used to collect from the people in the Vedic period was called –
(A) Bali (B) Vidatha
(C) Varman (D) Kara
Ans. (A)

⚡️ Which one of the following stages of the life of man in Aryan Society, in ascending order of age, is correct?
(A) Brahmacharya – Grihashta–Vanaprastha –Sanyasa
(B) Grihastha–Brahmacharya–Vanaprashta–Sanyasa
(C) Brahmacharya–Vanprastha–Sanyasa–Grihastha
(D) Grihastha – Sanyasa – Vanprastha –Brahmacharya
Ans. (A)

⚡️ The Rig-Vedic Aryans were a pastoral people is born out by the fact that-
(A) There are many references to the cow in the Rig-Veda
(B) Most of the wars were fought for the sake of cows.
(C) Gifts made to priests were usually cows
(D) All of the above
Ans. (D)

⚡️ The Aryans succeeded in their conflicts with the pre-Aryans because
(A) They used elephants on a large scale
(B) They were taller and stronger
(C) They were from an advanced urban culture
(D) They used chariots driven by horses
Ans. (D)

⚡️ Who among the following was the pioneer of Yoga?
(A) Patanjali (B) Banabhatta
(C) Atreya (D) Vrudukanta
Ans. (A)

⚡️ Who among the following was not a physician?
(A) Sushruta (B) Charaka
(C) Charvaka (D) Dhanvantari
Ans. (C)

⚡️ The first grammarian of the Sanskrit language was
(A) Kalhana (B) Maitreyi
(C) Kalidasa (D) Panini
Ans. (D)



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